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Applying to Schools

Helpful hints when applying to schools

Visit/ Tour: What should parents and students look for?

  • Ask LOTS of questions during your tour.
  • Try to talk with other students, in addition to your tour guide.
  • On tour, try to keep asking yourself, can I see myself at this school?
  • While looking at a school, try to figure out the essence/vibe of the school. 
    • Do the students seem happy and engaged or stressed and distant?


  • You will be nervous, but you do not have to be.
    • We try to get students excited about themselves and excited about the process during the interview.
  • Think of some anecdotes you want to share.
  • Be prepared to ask questions, but avoid those you can easily find answers to on the website.
  • Don’t be stressed and just be yourself (easy for us to say!).
  • Remember, we are not trying to trick you and there is never a wrong answer.


  • The test matters, but don’t spend so much time on it that you lose focus on your academics.
  • Get to the point where you "feel" prepared.
  • We look at more than just your overall scores.
    • If they are lower, we will look at right/wrong/omitted ratio to help us understand your performance better.
    • We super-score, which means we combine the best results section scores from multiple tests. 
  • Do not forget, we look at the writing portion of the test.


  • We all ask for a recommendation from a math and English teacher, as well as a school counselor/principal/head of school.
  • You are welcome to submit a fourth recommendation.
    • Remember, choose someone who knows you well.
  • Be careful not to submit too many recommendations and they should not be too lengthy.


  • You are a 3-D person, but the application is a 2-D paper. Show us as many dimensions as possible.
  • Make sure you write the essay yourself; we can tell if it is not authentic.
  • Choose answers to questions that are meaningful to you. 
  • Do not tell us what you think we want to hear. Be yourself. 

What are schools looking for?

  • Admission decisions are made based on best fit.
  • You need to be genuine in how you present yourself. 
  • The most attractive students are those that are willing to engage in many aspects of school life.
    • Academics
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Clubs/Organizations
    • Dormitory Life
    • Community