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Tour Survey

Thank you again for joining us on our campuses for our Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Group School Tour. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your time at our schools and left feeling a strong sense of what we, as mid-Atlantic boarding schools, have to offer the families you work with. In order to help us ensure future tours are equally as successful, we are hoping you will take a few minutes to provide us with valuable feedback on your experience. Many thanks in advance!

- The Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Group


Please rate your overall experience on this tour. *
Please rate your overall experience on this tour.
Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.
1) I was very satisfied with this boarding school tour.
2) I would recommend this tour to another consultant or placement director.
3) I would consider joining this tour again in the future.
4) This tour has positively influenced my impression of each member school.
5) The transportation arrangements were adequate and appropriate.
6) The evening accommodations were adequate and appropriate.
7) All meals were adequate and appropriate.
8) I received sufficient information about the trip prior to its commencement.
9) I spent an appropriate amount of time on each campus.
10) I was satisfied with the make up of people I was able to meet and engage with during each visit.
Transportation Details *
We would love to know what you enjoyed most about the trip.
Let us know what areas you thought could be improved and any ideas for changes to future tours.